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Frame Numbers and What They Mean.


ELR (Eddie Lawson) and SBR (Superbike Replica)

There were supposedly about 900 ELR's made in 1982 for the US and Canadian market.

There was a small number made for South Africa,

But nobody knows exactly how many were made for either destination.

The S1 and KR1000 endurance racer are included in this number.

For 1983 SBR's there were supposedly 1000 for the US and Canada and 4300 for Europe and South Africa,

But register your bike because these figures are probably wrong and we can figure out the correct figures.

You can tell an KZ1000R by the frame number.

It MUST have an R in it If it dosn't it's not a Replica.

An "82" it should look like this JKAKZCR1xCA000xxx for North American market.

For '83' should be JKAKZCR1xDA00xxxx for North American market.

The breakdown is Japan, Kawasaki, Akashi facility, KZ model, C=1000cc (B=1100), Replica, 1=?, D=1983 C=1982, A=?

The final final 6 digits give the number of the bike.

To confuse things all the other markets Non North America all start with KZT, 00=1000cc (10=1100cc), R=Replica,

the frame number looks like this KZT00R-00xxxx for a "83" Z1000R,

all other markets include Europe,(UK, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.)

South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.


KZ1000R, R2 and KZ1100R Specification's


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