Climb Up Mount Washington, New Hampshire.

By Owner: Stephane Roux, Quebec, Canada.

Here is my Latest trip with my girlfriend.

Trailered the bike to Littleton New Hampshire and from there did a loop around

White Mountain National Forest,

basically Bethlehem, Gorham North Conway Franconia.


While we were at it we couldn't resist to challenge "Climb Mount Washington"

we've earned our sticker!


That's the surprising "small" challenge,

35% of path is unpaved and at 2/3th completed,

no more trees, so wind speed increases a lot with gust too.

So your tossed a bit on the path and its a ravine on one side...

but we only need 4 inch's of path anyway!

Keep on holding on!

I say its okay to do it and if the road is not worthy they don't let you up.

After all they've collected 16$ of my pocket to let me climb!

Yeah! Worst weather in the world!

We spent about a half hour on top.

Every five minute there is a different pattern between Fog, clouds, Clear sky and Mist!

Very peculiar!


Owner: Stephane Roux, Quebec, Canada.

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