Bike of the Month Feb 2010.

David Mosley.

I bought 1982 # 564 used from a friend in October 1983.

It had 2711 miles and I got it for $2800.

Since then I've put close to 100,000 miles on it.

I'm not quite sure because the odometer broke on a trip to Laguna Seca in 1985.

The new odometer shows 75,550 now.

Over the years I've had a 1075 and a 1135 kit with cams and 33 smooth bores,

but now it has a stock motor except for a GPZ 1100 bottom end.

I had EPM mags, 18" front and rear, but the stock wheels are on it now.

I bought a Cal Fab swing arm and Fox shocks in 1984 which remain on there,

rebuilt several times, of course.

The rear sets I made myself out of magnesium.

There is a Teleflex fork brace and Russell braided lines.

I've ridden all around this country and had a real blast with this bike.

I rode or took it to Daytona every year until I quit going when DMG took over a few years back.

I've had it on the track several times, but never raced it.

It's handling by today's standard leaves a little to be desired.

I seldom ride it now, mostly to vintage days or to the Superbike races at Barbers Race Track.

It is still the most fun bike to ride I own. My wife says she''ll bury me with it,

but she'll probably sell it and have a good party ! So stay tuned.

David Mosley.

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