Bike of the Month Aug 2012.

Owner: Richard Gales, NH, United States. 

When i got it i didn't like the blue paintwork,

i knew it had to go back to black!

Here is my Kawasaki KZ1000J3 (83) Canadian Import (w/bitchin' graphics),
Kawasaki did not release this in North American market,
It's true that they're rare in North America.
For most people The only time they have seen one is
on the cover of the repair manual (3rd edition).

Based too on some actual numbers from a Government of Canada website noting motor vehicle

recalls and actual numbers of vehicles imported that year,
A total of 1000 kz1000's were imported in 83 covering all models including the kz1000r, ltd, specter, cop bike any any other kz1000's sold in that year in Canada.
That means the numbers on this bike j3 are very very low.
That said and they (Government of Canada) agreed,
It is likely lower in numbers than both KZ1000R's (82 & 83 ELR's).
The butchering of them too to make ELR clones has not helped these bikes survive.
The production number is #17840 build date December 82.

Carb's were just cleaned when i pulled a set of VM33's of it to sell,
Replacement tank and tail section in very good condition. cost $500
New Leather Replica seat, cost $500
New old stock kerker with a "2" competition baffle, cost $500
New chain and sprockets, $120
New foot pegs and brackets, $120
New fork seals, $20
New Progressive springs $80
New bridgestones front and rear, cost $250
New airbox rubbers. cost $50
Has the glove box in the tail but no manual or tool tray or tool kit,

I have had it out twice and both times it was a dream to ride,

more info on kz1000j's

what colours where available for all 3 years on the kz1000j1,j2,j3?

1981 (K)Z1000J1 Luminous Ruby Red
                Moondust Silver
                Luminous Navy Blue

1982 (K)Z1000J2 Candy Cobalt Blue
                Metallic Starlight Black
                Galaxy Silver

1983 (K)Z1000J3 Candy Cobalt Blue
                Metallic Starlight Black
                Ebony (w/bitchin' graphics)

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