AMA’s Vintage Motorcycle Day 2009.



Stephane Roux, Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada.

Here’s my participation at the AMA’s Vintage Motorcycle Days It started with an incoming email from Motorcycle Classics. Object of email was “Ride your motorcycle in history” organized by the AMA’s Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum for their 85 years of existence.

The AMA’s Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum is looking for a few good motorcycles at least one from every year the Association has been in existence for a special parade at the 2009 AMA’s Vintage Motorcycle Days annual event.If you were owner of a motorcycle that matches their wanted list, they’d love to have you join them as a member of this special parade. AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days has grown to become America’s grandest celebration of motorcycling heritage,and features numerous activities inspired by all eras.The weekend is loaded with highlights, including the world's largest motorcycle swap meet, where collector from throughout North America spread out over 35 acres to sell everything from fork boots to books to complete bikes. In the list,the 1982 KZ1000R Eddie Lawson Replica was requested.

Gathering participants for all three days represents a big challenge,so they were compliant to bend the rules to gather as much motorcycles as possible. Haven’t found any 1982 KZ1000R ELRs they gladly accepted my 1983 KZ1000R Superbike Replica to fill in the spot. The participants received a three day pass and camping space on site of the Mid-Ohio sports car course. So there starts my preparation for a trip to Mid-Ohio sports car course.Living near Montreal, Canada means an 11 hours of continuous driving to the USA. Having only a few days of vacation on hand,we had to drive it in one straight. In my quest for having a partner and a helping hand led me to my friend Alain Bohec who gladly accepted my offer to participate in the event. Alain has a 1985 Harley Davidson to ride with,has the correct pick-up and trailer package to accomplish the task, I would supply the camping gear and share expenses.

A full two days of cosmetic detailing was invested on our bikes to have them arrived on location in their best looking condition.


What a contrast! A 1983 Japanese classic side by side with a 1985 HD, yes, in special circumstances,

dogs and cats can get along


Day one after a few coffees: AMATent stage site:


Staging among other hall of fame motorcycles:


KZ1000R does get lots of attention:

Also a superb 1978 Kawasaki Z1R-TC Turbo.

Was happy to have in the picture the 1981 Honda CB900R Super Sport that used to race with the KZ1000:

On day two, on the program was a parade of all those selected models by the AMA, two laps on the Mid-Ohio

Sports Car course had to be done proceeded by a 1924 Harley Davison, the instructor ask the motorcyclist of

the 80’s to keep their head! Getting ready to round up at paddock. :


Arrival: picture


Group picture: With Z1R-TC


Then we restaged are bikes at AMA tent:

Day three was a visit to Motorcycle Hall of Fame at Pickerington Ohio, about an hour drive from Mid-Ohio Sports

Car course. On our way, a funny picture:


Arrival at Hall of Fame:

Wayne Raineys 1983 GPZ750 bike that won the championship against all odds with the

Honda V-Fours and other 4 valves per cylinder technology.

The departure:

Once the AMA organizers post the videos and official pictures of event I’ll post information.

Stephane Roux, Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada.

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