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Bike of the Month April 2009.


Yves meissonnier, Lille, France.

This unique machine was assembled in a short series in 1982 with this fairing by

Kawasaki France Named "championne du monde" in reference to the Kawasaki

win in the 1981 world endurance championship.


And it’s an original one You can see on the dash board kmf for Kawasaki motor



This bike was modified for Kawasaki by the famous French race team godier genoud

winner of the world endurance championship in the 70's,


 A very small series of this modified bike was sold directly by Kawasaki motor France

with this fairing named "championne du monde”.

The engine came with a 1135 cc wiseco piston kit The original front mudguard in

abs is a 1100 zx type,


The yellow paint It was made by the biggest Kawasaki seller in the north of France

 In the town of lille ducroo in 1984 and shown in their show room a few months.

The yellow color was a tribute to the 10th anniversary of the first bold or win of the

godier genoud team on egli Kawasaki in 1974,

Of the two riders were georges godier and alain genoud On an egli Kawasaki racing

n° 7 with this yellow paint.


This bike is a double tribute of Kawasaki wins in endurance victories I have all the

original papers of this machine since his first owner and I am only the third one

This yellow machine is unique and has never been repainted Only some stickers are

missing Michelin, total and devil, were lost and i have not yet replaces them yet

with copies. 

Raask foot peg are also contemporary modifications.

The rusty and too noisy exhaust pipe 4/1 devil was replaced by a Sebring a few

years ago.

The original color of the series is silver brown and red or black silver and brown,

 This special type of ELR is described in "revue Moto technique n° 46 page 61",

I don’t know actually how many original Kawasaki "championne du monde”

were assembled by Kawasaki motor France,

Personally I know only three other owners in France. and their machines were

all build on a j standard model.

if you want some further technical information

on this limited series championne du monde I have all the details of the

modifications made by kmf down to the smallest nut and bolt.


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