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Bike of the Month June 2010.

Petteri *Pete* Vartiainen, Kuopio, FINLAND.

Howdy Folks!

I start my engine-powered two wheel riding end of 70s with several 50cc Bikes.

In 1982 I got my first motor cycle, A blue Kawasaki KH100-7B '76.

It was very funny bike and rode it for a couple of years till I got my driving license

for a car at 18. 

After getting that car license, I started my "dark" age with no motor cycles.

When I reached (re-teen) middle-age I started to miss that feeling again,

the feeling of freedom, when you are on two wheels on the open road with the wind in your hair.

So in 2004 I bought old enduro Y****a TT600 to get some "work out"

at local motocross circuit.

Well I didn't get the feeling' of freedom I was searching for,

I just got exhausted and wet, so I sold it and bought Kaw Z650F1 '80 instead.

I've always liked older street bikes,

Bikes which do look like real motor bikes and are made of iron and steel.

During year 2005 I rebuilt the six fifty to look like orig.

And got it registered as a classic or museum vehicle and because of that got the insurance

for about 50 bucks/year.

In March 2009 I found ELR listed in a Swedish sell 'n buy site and I started e-mails with the seller.

Things progressed and in April that I jumped to a van, I borrowed from my brother and

started my way to Sweden. After three days I was back home with my new (old)

legendary Kawasaki Z1000R.

I rode season 2009 with it without any problems if little oil consumption

and smoke weren't counted.

Last autumn I found at EBay, Wiseco K1076 kit with Cometic head gasket at

"buy it now" price of 300 bucks so I purchased it.

Bike has now that K1076 kit inside, renewed head with new cam bearings,

cam chain/guides and valve seals of course.

Looking forward to my summer 2010 meetings with my wife and i will arrive with my ELR,

first meeting will be 11th - 13th of June!

Above Petra and i we enjoy going to meetings together Safe Miles & KMs to Ya all !



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