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Bike of the Month March 2009.

 BOM march 09

Owner:  Mark Ponsford (pigford) KZ1000r from the z1ownersclub in the UK.

I got my ELR in September 2008.

It is NOT standard and has a bit of history. Back in 1989 a couple of well known bike shops did some work on it....
Steve Bateman (Bournemouth UK) & Debben Performance (still going strong today)

had the cases milled out and 1260cc liners fitted 
The 1989 spec:
1260 Wiseco kit. Megacycle .410 cams. Under bucket shims.

Gas flowed head. s/s valves. APE billet cam chain adjuster.

V&H; end pipe & s/s headers. Fournale air shox. JMC s/arm. 1-off CMA wheels. Mikuni RFS38's. K&N;'s..... etc.

BOM march 09

When I collected the bike & got it home.....  Things weren't quite what they seemed

The bike was a poor starter (took a good minute) but didn't smoke. After a week of fiddling about with the carbs (which turned out to be only RFS34's) I decided to do a compression test. Only 100 psi # 1, 2 & 3 and 80psi # 4.

So its engine strip down time 

Top end is as spec & valves looked OK so just lapped them in & fitted new stem seals & APE h/d springs.

BOM march 09

Barrels & pistons...    Only 1075cc!  RE BORE time.
Got some 75mm Wiseco hi-comp pistons & re bored barrels. Engine out & full strip.
Got cases grit blasted... paints with PJ1 satin & rebuilt with new seals & 'O' rings etc.
New cam chain... h/d barrel studs.....

BOM march 09

Engine back in......... time to re-assemble top end...

BOM march 09

Just got a bit more engine stuff to whack back together.......  Roll on summer

BOM march 09

BOM march 09

another great bike, i thought white would make a nice change and mark's bike is very clean example.

congratulations pigford ole buddy break out the tea and biscuits.


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