Bike of the Month Feb 2009.

Owner: Andrew Ferry (Fer's) KZ1000j from the z1ownersclub in the UK.

Bike was bought as a 1000J rolling chassis in 1995 with the intention of building a replica of Eddie’s race bike.

Frame was braced at rear engine mount and the rear section removed.

Swing arm was made by Harris Performance,

Shocks are Works Performance,

Wheels are Dymag.

Discs and carriers were made up to spec and Lockheed calipers are used.

Tank is US spec J1,

Side panels and tail piece were made up in carbon fiber as were number boards.

Seat, tail and number boards are one unit.

Engine is Gpz1100 taken out to 1260cc, Head is 8 plug with bigger valves and flowed ports,

Cams are Webcam .425.

Crankshaft was welded and balanced with the rotor end modified to take a Triumph generator.


Bike of the month Feb 09

Crankcase oil returns are welded up with end plates made up to take oil seals and support the generator stator.

Generator cover and ignition cover have been cut down.

Ignition is Dyna 2000 running 4 coils.

Boyer power box fitted so no battery is needed.

Exhaust was made by Gibson as replica of race bike and has been nickel plated.

Carbs are 33mm CR’s.

Paint work by Bike Paints to '81 colours.

No lights, no stands and no starter.

38kg lighter than an 1100R.

13 years taken to build it.

I will try to get some pics sent to you.


Bike of the month Feb 09

After last months success of Bike of the Month here is another from the highlands of Scotland.

What a bike! such attention to detail,

Fer's bike was the winner in our search for BOM by a whopping 100% margin.

Andrew ferry's bike in Classic motorcycle Mechanics - September 2009


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