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Bike of the Month Dec 2012. 

Owner:  Unknown New Owner. 

One of the most recognizable motorcycles from the film is Jim “Goose” Rains’ KZ1000 Kwaka, a 1977 Kawasaki KZ1000. The future-retro fairings were made by La Parisienne, a Melbourne based company that unfortunately went out of business a few years after the film was released. La Parisienne also modified 13 other KZ1000s for the film’s antagonist group, the Toecutter’s gang, which were played by members of a local Victoria-based motorcycle club, the Vigilanties.

Goose’s KZ1000 had a cafe racer appeal and aesthetic, which is probably why its popularity hasn’t waned even after so many years, with fans creating replicas to this day and a Whitehouse, a Japanese company, was creating movie accurate replicas as recently as 2002.


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