To all the haters out there!

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To all the haters out there!

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Unfortunately the real word kicked my ass and things like websites got put on the back burner,
The hits just kept on coming the last 5 yrs or so,
My wife fell ill and i was forced to sell all my bikes, KZ1000R, KZ1000J1, KZ1000J3, GPZ750, KZ700, XR400, XR200 AND A Bighorn,
Obviously this was devastating and it was hard to continue to be apart of any online motorcycle community,
Both my mother and younger sister died the same year and due to the fact my passport had expired,
I was unable to even return to England for the funerals,
My wife grew ill again, this time she ended up having her leg amputated,
Later while trying to learn to drive with one leg she drove into a tree wrecking my truck,
Our home that we had been renting for many years got foreclosed on and i had to sell almost everything else i could,
to lay down a deposit on a small single wide home on a quarter acre, It was a empty shell with a new roof but no
plumbing heating, kitchen or bathroom and i had to totally remodel the interior myself before the deadline of the eviction.
and if all that wasn't enough my dog died!

I know it sounds like a country song but there you have it!
so next time you cry that the site was down for so long after you donated money to keep it going.
Think why has Dickie not fixed it yet?

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