1982 Kawasaki KZ1000R-S1 race replica. Currently ridden on road

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1982 Kawasaki KZ1000R-S1 race replica. Currently ridden on road

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1982 Kawasaki S1-KZ1000R Replica.
Kawasaki race engine expert, the late Larry Cavanaugh, carefully did all of the superbike race porting and building of this cylinder head.
Oversize stainless valves
Web 110 race cams,
titanium keepers.
(Special race head gasket also during build.)
1136cc forged Weisco high comp piston big bore kit.
APE thick diameter race engine head studs, APE tall race nuts. (both needed for high comp/race motors)

Dyna 2000 ignition system with ignition plate, ignition coils.
Dyna 2000 computer with 5 performance maps.
Built in adjustable rev limiter.

Custom Works Aluminum S1 race replica tapered cone ignition cover and plate.
Keihin CR 33 racing carbs. (with choke)
K&N oiled air pod filters.

Special large diameter works racing pipe.
Has spring quick remove mounts and a proper race tuned merge collector.
With proper Kerker megaphone emblem.
Genuine magnesium S1 race bike 1/4 turn throttle, with NOS S1 racebike heavy throttle cables
S1 superbike seat.

S1 race replica brake calipers from Japan.
New sintered metal race brake pads from Japan.

Japanese Made custom steel braided brake lines.

NOS Kawasaki fork lowers from Japan. Adjustable upper tubes are fully rebuildable.
(circlip removes and has racing oil pumps in both forks)
Motul 20 weight in forks.
Race tech springs in forks. (200 lb plus rider)
Works Performance racer rear shocks, fully rebuilt with new seals and new bladders.
Works shocks were rebuilt and set up by an 1980's pro superbike team shock builder (tuned to 200-240lb rider inc gear).

USA made massive KZ1000R-S1 works replica handmade aluminum triple trees, (triple clamps)
Japanese made 330 mm S1 replica solid brake disks with aluminum carriers.

Motul Dot 5 brake fluid
Rare 160mph/250kmph speedo
NOS factory Kawasaki Tachometer.

S1 race replica handmade aluminum swingarm, (with built in catch can for racing.)

Marvic Classic 7 spoke magnesium race rims (new, not old stock)
4 1/2" X18 and 3"x18 Genuine
Front rim has speedo drive, rear rim has cush drive. Both nice for street riding.
New Metzler Roadtec Interact Z8 M (soft M compound) tires
160/60/ZR18- rear 120/70/ZR18 front
Frame has factrory S1 superbike racing stiffeners.
3 lb battery.
Hollow grade 5 titanium front axle (US made titanium)
Full forged and formed titanium fastener kit on bike. (All USA made forged and formed titanium fasteners)
Full stainless engine fastener kit
Hollow Chomolly Japanese made swing arm pivot.
Japanese made 530 race chain made comversion.
High grade aluminum rear sprockets custom made in USA.
Many NOS parts on this bike throughout.

After 18 dyno runs:
The bike produced an maximum of 126.9 Rear wheel HP.
Tuned on Factory Pro Eddy Current dyno.
True HP numbers, not "dynojet" numbers.

(Estimated engine HP is 137-142HP )

What to expect when riding:

The brakes are very strong, Package handles very tight, solid and predictable.
Power is strong with good low rpm torque, and very strong up to 5500rpm.
After 5500rpm engine starts to hit the powerband,
Although this bike is a bit of a handful at times, it can also be ridden sensibly on the road. But care must be taken.
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